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The Best Sunglasses For Small Faces

The Best Sunglasses For Small Faces


When it comes to sunglasses, finding the perfect fit is essential for both style and functionality. If you have a smaller face, you know the struggle of finding sunglasses that don't overwhelm your features or slip off your nose. But fear not! In this post, we'll delve into the world of sunglasses for small faces, providing you with expert advice on finding the right fit, choosing right sunglasses to suit your face, and explore the latest sunglasses trends. Get ready to elevate your eyewear game and step out with confidence!

Sunglasses for Small Faces: Finding the Perfect Fit

Finding sunglasses that fit your small face can be a daunting task, but fear not! Here are some expert tips to help you find the perfect fit:

1. Understand Your Face Shape

Understanding your face shape is crucial when selecting sunglasses that flatter your features. Generally, small faces fall into three main categories: oval face shapes, round face shapes, and heart-shaped faces. Knowing your face shape will guide you in choosing the right frame shape that complements your unique features.

2. Measure Your Face Size

Measuring your face size is an important step in finding sunglasses that fit snugly. Start by measuring the width of your face, from temple to temple, using a flexible tape measure. This measurement will give you an idea of the frame width that will suit your small face.

3. Opt for Narrower Frame Widths

For small faces, it's best to opt for sunglasses with narrower frame widths. This ensures that the sunglasses won't overwhelm your facial features and will stay securely in place. Look for frames that are specifically designed for petite faces or labeled as small fit.

4. Consider Adjustable Nose Pads

Sunglasses with adjustable nose pads are a great option for small faces. These pads allow you to customise the fit and prevent the sunglasses from sliding down your nose. Look for frames with adjustable nose pads made from soft and comfortable materials for added convenience.

5. Look for Lightweight Materials

When selecting sunglasses for small faces, prioritise lightweight materials. Heavy frames can feel uncomfortable and may not sit properly on your face. Lightweight materials like acetate or titanium ensure a comfortable fit without compromising on style.

6. Avoid Oversized Frames

While oversized sunglasses may be trendy, they can overpower small faces. Opt for frames that are proportionate to your facial features. A general rule of thumb is to choose sunglasses that don't extend beyond the width of your face and leave a big gap between the temples and the side of your face.

Choosing the Right Frame Shape

Now that you have a good grasp of the basics, let's dive into the world of frame shapes. Here are some popular frame shapes that are perfect for small faces:

1. Rectangle Sunglasses

Rectangular frames add structure and balance to small faces. The clean lines of rectangular frames create an illusion of length, making them a flattering choice. Pair them with tinted lenses for a contemporary look or go for classic black frames for a timeless and versatile appeal. Some of our customer's favourites include;

'Techno' Rectangle Sunglasses in Black

These rectangular sunglasses feature a slim frame which created the perfect illusion of length to harmonise the features associated with a small face. These retro sunglasses will avoid overpowering your features and offer a contemporary look with their glossy thick black frame. These rectangular frames are the perfect sunglasses for the beach or for a festival, and their all-black colour palette ensures you have a pair of sunglasses versatile enough to wear for just about any outfit or occasion. Complete with 100% UV protection.

'Sunset Sessions' Rectangle Sunglasses in Orange

For a more stand-out approach, opt for our popular 'Sunset Sessions' transparent orange sunglasses. These retro frames embody dopamine dressing by offering a refreshingly vibrant sunset orange colour scheme. These sunglasses were created with serotonin in mind, and there's no more attractive sight than your eyes being illuminated by the setting sun with their tinted orange lenses. Complete with 100% UV protection

2. Cat-Eye Sunglasses

If you're looking to add a touch of retro flare to a smaller face shape, cat-eye frames are an excellent choice. These frames feature upswept angles that create an illusion of lifted cheekbones and a slimmer jawline, without being too oversized for your features. Cat-eye frames come in various sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your face shape. Some of our favourites include;

'Emergency' Cat Eye Sunglasses in Red

Transparent sunglasses are becoming increasingly popular, and our take on this trend include our transparent red 'Emergency' retro sunglasses. With slightly upswept corners, these contemporary frames offer a modern and fashion conscious way to wear cat-eye frames, without them looking too old fashioned. Complete with 100% UV protection.

'Venice' Cat-Eye Sunglasses in Turquoise

Inspired by the romantic and energetic city of Venice. These elegant retro sunglasses in vibrant turquoise, adorned with subtle gold detailing on the temples, capture the essence of Venetian charm and sophistication. With a subtle cat eye frame, these retro sunglasses have a timeless allure that resonates with the beauty and elegance of Venice.

3. Oval Sunglasses

Oval frames are a versatile choice that suits many face shapes, including small faces. The soft curves of oval frames help soften angular features and create a balanced look. Some of our most popular oval frame sunglasses include;

'Sophia Violets' Oval Sunglasses in Beige

These neutral coloured oval sunglasses are perhaps our most popular styles. This can be attributed to the fact that oval sunglasses are a versatile option for most face shapes. These extremely popular oval sunglasses come in four retro-inspired colours, each with their own unique personalities. This ensures you have a pair of perfectly versatile sunglasses for every outfit and occasion. Wether you're on a night out or need a pair of sunglasses to bring on holiday, you really can't go wrong with these iconic retro sunglasses. Complete with 100% UV protection.

'Overdose' Retro Oval Sunglasses in Blue

Transparent frame sunglasses have been trending in recent months as people opt for new and exciting ways to push the boundaries of fashion and elevate an outfit. From y2k sunglasses to streetwear sunglasses, transparent frames offer a refreshing modern and versatile way to pair coloured sunglasses with different outfits without clashing or distracting from the outfit theme. Our 'Overdose' retro sunglasses have a narrow transparent frame which can help create a harmonious look for those with smaller faces.

'Headliners' Oval Sunglasses in Black

The more versatile option of our previously mentioned 'Sophia Violets' sunglasses. We featured these black oval sunglasses on our TikTok and people went crazy, it's been a hard task staying on top of our stock levels since! These all black sunglasses feature a minimal frame with soft corners and curves and can be paired with even more outfits due to their all black colour palette. If you could only choose one pair of sunglasses for your sunglasses rotation, it would have to be these. Complete with 100% UV protection.

'Molly' Oval Sunglasses in Orange

Add a splash of colour to your outfit with these vibrant oval-frame sunglasses. These sunglasses feature an iconic retro silhouette, reinvented with contemporary materials. With lightly smoked orange lenses and a transparent frame, these oval sunglasses are the perfect accessory for summer and harmonise smaller face shapes exceptionally well due to their smaller size. Complete with 100% UV Protection.

4. Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses are a timeless classic that suits small faces exceptionally well. With their distinct trapezoidal shape, wayfarer frames offer a balance of angles and curves, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Choose from classic black or explore vibrant hues for a modern twist. Be sure to avoid wayfarer sunglasses which are oversized or slightly on the larger side as oversized frames can consume the facial features and overpower smaller face shapes.

Embracing the Latest Sunglasses Trends

Now that you know how to find the perfect fit and choose the ideal frame shape, let's explore some of the latest sunglasses trends that can work well for small faces:

1. Transparent Sunglasses

Transparent sunglasses have been gaining popularity recently. Transparent frames add a modern and sleek touch to any look. Choose from clear frames for a minimalist vibe or experiment with colourful transparent frames for a retro and playful twist. Transparent sunglasses are an excellent choice for those looking to make a subtle yet stylish statement. Here are three popular options from our range of all-season eyewear;

Milan Retro Sunglasses in Brown

These exquisite neutral-coloured sunglasses perfectly embody the understated elegance and sophistication associated with the Italian city of Milan. With a classy transparent brown frame and dark tinted brown lenses, these sunglasses effortlessly blend contemporary style with timeless allure. These retro sunglasses are for those who appreciate the fusion of contemporary design and classic aesthetics. Complete with 100% UV Protection.

'Dr. Beat' Retro Sunglasses in Green

Transparent frame sunglasses are gaining immense popularity recently amongst festival goers and streetwear enthusiasts. Our 'Dr. Beat' retro sunglasses offer a versatile and colourful option to elevate your outfits with their sleek transparent acetate frame and subtle cat-eye shape. Transparent frame sunglasses can be extremely versatile due to their ability to harmonise most skin tones and face shapes without being overpowering. Crafted with premium materials and fitted with high-quality anti-scuff lenses, these transparent shades offer a retro-inspired silhouette with a contemporary twist, making them an ideal choice of sunglasses for a holiday or festival. Complete with 100% UV protection.

2. Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored lenses can instantly elevate your outfits and make a bold first impression. The reflective coating not only adds a futuristic touch but also provides additional protection against glare. From vibrant hues like blue and purple to classic silver and gold, mirrored lenses offer endless possibilities to express your unique style. Two pairs of our trending sunglasses with mirror lenses include;

'Chrome' Y2K Sunglasses in Chrome & Silver

When it comes to creating a harmonised look for smaller faces, these futuristic and angular sunglasses do an amazing job. These sunglasses seamlessly combine retro styling with the y2k aesthetic to create a futuristic look which is eye-catching and unique. Complete with 100% UV protection.

'66Mhz' Y2K Sunglasses in Blue

These futuristic y2k sunglasses are perfect for making a statement with their vibrant glossy blue frame and reflective chrome lenses. These cyberpunk sunglasses offer a unique way to elevate your eyewear game and add a futuristic touch to your streetwear fits. These sunglasses are perfect for the streetwear scene as they push boundaries with their unique features.

3. Geometric Frame Sunglasses

Geometric frames are a daring choice for fashion-forward individuals. Triangular, hexagonal, and octagonal frames add an edgy and avant-garde touch to your look. These frames are perfect for those who aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd and make a statement wherever they go. Similar to wayfarer sunglasses, stray from oversized options as these larger frames can overpower smaller faces.

4. Coloured Frame Sunglasses

Coloured frame sunglasses are a fun and playful trend that allows you to express your personality. From pastel hues to vibrant neon shades, coloured frames inject a burst of energy into your outfit. Experiment with different colours to find the perfect frame that complements your skin tone, outfit theme and personal style.

'Liquid Luv' Square Sunglasses in Blue

Everyone needs a pair of colourful sunglasses in their rotation. For a simple yet eye-catching pair of sunglasses, opt for our 'Liquid Luv' retro square frame sunglasses if you're in the mood to dopamine dress! Complete with 100% UV protection.

'Tuscany' Retro Sunglasses in Burgundy

These retro sunglasses are the wine coloured variant of our 'Venice' sunglasses mentioned earlier. With an equally as sophisticated colour palette featuring autumnal tones, these sultry sunglasses are perfectly versatile for most skin complexions and the perfect accessory for summer thanks to their warmer burgundy and golden tones. Complete with 100% UV protection.

'SYRE' Square Sunglasses in Green

These vibrant and colourful sunglasses offer a versatile square shape which is perfectly proportionate for smaller face shapes. Many square sunglasses tend to be quite large and overpowering, but these retro sunglasses are just right! With a frosted acetate frame in green and gradient peach anti-scuff lenses, these retro sunglasses are the perfect choice for a pair of festival sunglasses or for those looking to add a splash of colour to your outfits! Complete with 100% UV protection.


Finding the perfect sunglasses for small faces is no longer a daunting task. Armed with the knowledge of your face shape, measurements, and the right frame shapes, you can confidently explore various styles and trends. Remember to prioritise comfort, fit, and personal style when choosing sunglasses for small faces. With the right pair of shades, you'll not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays but also elevate your fashion game to new heights. Step out with confidence and embrace your unique style with sunglasses that are tailor-made for your small face.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I wear oversized sunglasses if I have a small face?

Absolutely! While oversized sunglasses may seem intimidating, they can actually add a sense of drama and make a fashion statement. Opt for oversized frames that are proportionate to your face size to avoid overwhelming your features. Additionally, consider frames with thinner profiles to maintain a balanced look.

2. What are the best lens colours for sunglasses on small faces?

The best lens colours for sunglasses on small faces depend on your personal style and the purpose of your eyewear. Neutral colours like grey and brown are versatile options that provide natural colour perception. If you're looking for a pop of colour, consider lenses in shades of blue, green, or pink. Remember to choose a lens colour that complements your skin tone and outfits.

3. Do polarised lenses work well for small faces?

Yes, polarised lenses work well for small faces just as they do for any other face size. Polarised lenses reduce glare and provide enhanced clarity, making them ideal for activities like driving, outdoor sports, and beach days. When selecting polarised sunglasses, ensure that the frame size and shape are suitable for your small face to achieve the best fit and style.

4. What is the importance of UV protection in sunglasses?

UV protection in sunglasses is crucial because prolonged exposure to UV radiation can lead to various eye problems. UV rays can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, pterygium, and even sunburn of the cornea. By wearing sunglasses with proper UV protection, you can significantly reduce the risk of these eye conditions and maintain your long-term eye health.

5. Can I get prescription sunglasses for small faces?

Absolutely! If you require prescription eyewear, many brands offer the option to customise sunglasses to your prescription. Whether you have a small face or not, you can enjoy the benefits of both vision correction and stylish sun protection. Consult with your optometrist or visit an eyewear retailer to explore prescription sunglasses options for small faces.

6. What are the best materials for sunglasses frames for small faces?

The best materials for sunglasses frames for small faces are lightweight and comfortable. Acetate, titanium, and high-quality plastics are popular choices as they provide durability without weighing down your face. These materials also offer flexibility, allowing for adjustments and a secure fit. Opt for frames made from these materials for a comfortable and stylish experience.

7. Do polarised sunglasses protect against all UV rays?

Polarised sunglasses are designed to reduce glare and improve visual comfort, but they do not necessarily block all UV rays. Look for sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection to ensure adequate protection for your eyes against harmful UV rays.

8. Are polarised sunglasses expensive?

Yes, polarised sunglasses can be more expensive compared to non-polarised ones. The added technology and benefits of polarisation contribute to the higher price point. However, they offer significant advantages, such as reducing glare and enhancing visual clarity, making them worth the investment for those seeking optimal eye protection and improved vision in bright conditions.

9. Can Sunglasses Block Blue Light?

Yes, sunglasses with UV protection can filter out most of the blue-violet light, also known as HEV rays. Adding a UV coating to your eyeglasses may suffice to filter out the blue light emitted from LED screens, providing additional protection against its potential effects on eye health.

10. Are expensive sunglasses better for UV protection?

The price of sunglasses does not necessarily guarantee better UV protection. The key factor to consider is whether the sunglasses are labeled as providing 100% UV protection or UV400. Many affordable sunglasses offer the same level of UV protection as their more expensive counterparts. Focus on UV certification rather than price when choosing sunglasses.

11. Are all sunglasses UV protected?

No, not all sunglasses offer UV protection. It's important to choose sunglasses that explicitly mention UV protection or UV blocking capabilities. Be cautious of cheap or counterfeit sunglasses that may lack proper UV filters, as they can be harmful to your eyes despite providing shade.

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