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The Best Streetwear Sunglasses Right Now!

The Best Streetwear Sunglasses Right Now


When it comes to streetwear fashion, sunglasses play a vital role in completing the look. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect pair of streetwear sunglasses that suit your taste and needs. But don't worry! In this comprehensive guide, we have curated a list of the best streetwear sunglasses this year that will elevate your outfits. From oversized and wraparound sunglasses, to futuristic and y2k shades, TheShadePrjct has all of the trending sunglasses on everyone's radar! So, let's dive in and discover the best streetwear sunglasses right now!

The 5 Best Streetwear Sunglasses Right Now!

1. '66Mhz' Streetwear Sunglasses In Blue

These futuristic y2k sunglasses are perfect for making a statement with their vibrant glossy blue frame and reflective chrome lenses. Although the design is retro-inspired, these cyberpunk sunglasses offer a unique way to elevate your eyewear game and add a futuristic look to your streetwear fits. These sunglasses are perfect for the streetwear scene by straying as far from traditional norms as possible!

2. 'Hennessy' Streetwear Y2K Sunglasses In Brown

Although at first glance these rimless y2k sunglasses appear to be for formal and sophisticated nights-out, these rimless sunglasses can be used to dress up a streetwear fit and add a touch of y2k aesthetic to your ensemble. There's simply no better duo than pairing these retro shades with flared denim jeans and a vintage graphic tee plus jewellery. There's really no right or wrong way to wear these sunglasses, but whatever outfit you choose, these vintage inspired sunglasses will make a sophisticated, versatile and modern addition.

3. 'Montreal' Streetwear Sunglasses in White

These glossy retro rectangle sunglasses offer a refreshing take on streetwear sunglasses with their slim rectangular frame and tinted black lenses. Their neutral white and grey colour-way ensure extreme versatility and allow these shades to be paired with just about anything you can throw at them. We have this rectangular style in 4 other versatile colour-ways such as green, blue, black, and even a transparent orange pair perfect for summer streetwear fits.

4. 'Pink Packs' Streetwear Sunglasses In White

These oversized square frame sunglasses offer a retro silhouette which will never go out of style. These contemporary sunglasses offer a versatile colour palette that will complement most outfit. These sunglasses are the perfect statement piece for your spring/summer wardrobe. With their subtle plum coloured lenses, these sunglasses pair exceptionally well with streetwear staples, such as oversized varsity jackets. These sunglasses are versatile enough to wear to the beach, a music festival, or even just to a dinner with friends.

5. 'Berlin' Streetwear Sunglasses In Brown

Our 'Berlin' wraparound sunglasses perfectly capture the vibe of the cultural and fashion-forward city, seamlessly combining the nostalgia of 80s retro-futurism with the latest contemporary fashion trends. With their tinted brown UV400 rated lenses, Our 'Berlin' streetwear sunglasses offer not only a stylish addition to your wardrobe but also the ultimate protection against harmful UV rays. The wraparound style is synonymous with modern-day streetwear trends and we guarantee complements wherever you go!

How To Style Streetwear Sunglasses:

Once you've picked out the perfect pair of streetwear sunglasses, it's time to incorporate them into your everyday look. Here are some tips on how to style streetwear sunglasses this year:

Keep it simple: When it comes to streetwear fashion, less is often more. Let your sunglasses be the statement piece of your outfit by pairing them with simple, understated clothing. A white t-shirt and black jeans is a classic look that will allow your sunglasses to shine.

Mix and match: Don't be afraid to mix and match different streetwear styles. A pair of oversized sunglasses can look great with a streetwear-inspired tracksuit or hoodie, while tinted lenses can add a pop of colour to an all-black outfit.

Play with proportions: Experiment with different proportions to create an interesting and eye-catching look. For example, try pairing oversized sunglasses with a fitted t-shirt and slim-fit pants for a balanced silhouette.

Consider your face shape: When choosing a pair of streetwear sunglasses, it's important to consider your face shape. Round faces look best with square or rectangular frames, while square faces can benefit from round or oval frames. Those with heart-shaped faces should look for frames that are wider at the top than the bottom.

This year, streetwear sunglasses are all about making a statement. From oversized frames to unique shapes and tinted lenses, there are plenty of styles to choose from that will add an edgy touch to any outfit. By keeping up with the latest trends and incorporating your own personal style, you can create a streetwear look that's uniquely yours. When shopping for streetwear sunglasses, it's important to consider factors like functionality, face shape, and overall style. Whether you prefer retro sunglasses or futuristic sunglasses, there's a pair of sunglasses out there that will suit your needs and elevate your accessories game!

Visit our store and get ahead of the current trends! Our range of sunglasses offer the same quality and protection as premium brands, for a fraction of the price. Complete with 100% UV protection and a unique retro sunglasses case free with every pair, shop now and find your perfect sunglasses!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are streetwear sunglasses?

Streetwear sunglasses are a fashion accessory that combines style and functionality. They are designed to complement streetwear fashion trends and make a bold statement with unique frames, tinted lenses, and edgy designs that push the boundaries of traditional eyewear.

2. What are some popular streetwear sunglasses trends in 2023?

Some popular streetwear sunglasses trends in 2023 include oversized frames, tinted lenses in various colours, and unique shapes such as geometric designs and angular frames. Retro eyewear, futuristic shades and Y2k sunglasses are also gaining immense popularity amongst streetwear enthusiasts.

3. How do oversized frames make a bold statement in streetwear sunglasses?

Oversized frames make a bold statement by drawing attention to the face and adding a touch of attitude to the overall look. They create a fashion-forward and confident aesthetic that aligns well with streetwear fashion and allows for lots of versatility in design.

4. What are tinted lenses and why are they on-trend in streetwear sunglasses?

Tinted lenses are lenses that have a coloured tint instead of being completely transparent. They add a stylish and trendy element to streetwear sunglasses. Tinted lenses come in various colours, ranging from the stealthy classic black look to vibrant shades of pink and blue, allowing individuals to personalise their style and coordinate with their streetwear outfits.

5. Can you recommend streetwear sunglasses that can be worn with any outfit?

Yes, 'Headliners' oval sunglasses mentioned in the blog post are versatile and can be worn with any colour or style of outfit. They are designed to complement a wide range of looks, making them a great choice for those seeking sunglasses that can effortlessly match their streetwear ensembles. This classic oval-frame style is available on 4 other versatile colours which could easily have been used in this answer too!

6. What are some unique shapes of streetwear sunglasses?

Some unique shapes of streetwear sunglasses include geometric designs and angular frames. These shapes add a unique and futuristic vibe to the sunglasses, allowing wearers to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd amongst more traditional sunglasses streetwear enthusiasts tend to stay away from.

7. How do angular frames and geometric designs add an edgy twist to streetwear sunglasses?

Angular frames and geometric designs provide a contemporary and fashion-forward aesthetic to streetwear sunglasses. They break away from traditional frame shapes and add a sense of boldness and innovation to the overall look. These features help create an edgy and distinctive style that resonates with streetwear fashion trends and the y2k aesthetic, which go hand in hand.

8. How do streetwear sunglasses differ from traditional aviators and wayfarers?

Streetwear sunglasses often feature more exaggerated frames, unique shapes, and vibrant tinted lenses compared to traditional aviators and wayfarers. They are designed to make a statement and align with current fashion trends, while aviators and wayfarers tend to have more timeless and classic designs.

9. Should I keep my clothing simple when wearing streetwear sunglasses?

Yes, keeping your clothing simple is a recommended approach when wearing streetwear sunglasses. This allows the focus to be on the sunglasses themselves, enhancing their impact and making them the standout element of your outfit.

10. Which face shapes suit different styles of streetwear sunglasses?

When choosing streetwear sunglasses, it's important to consider your face shape. Round faces generally suit square or rectangular frames, while square faces can benefit from round or oval frames. Heart-shaped faces are complemented by frames that are wider at the top than the bottom. Finding the right frame shape for your face can enhance your features and create a harmonious look.

11. What factors should I consider when shopping for streetwear sunglasses?

When shopping for streetwear sunglasses, it's important to consider factors like functionality, face shape suitability, and overall style. Look for sunglasses that offer UV protection, fit your face shape well, and align with your desired streetwear aesthetic.

12. Do streetwear sunglasses offer UV protection?

All of our streetwear sunglasses, including the ones mentioned in this blog post, offer 100% UV protection as standard. They typically come with UV400 rated lenses, which provide protection against harmful UV rays. Always check with other brands to see what levels of UV protection is offered before purchasing!

13. How can I stay ahead of the current streetwear sunglasses trends?

To stay ahead of the current streetwear sunglasses trends, regularly follow fashion influencers, browse online streetwear communities, and keep an eye on fashion magazines and blogs. These sources will provide insights into the latest trends, helping you discover new styles and stay up to date with the ever-evolving streetwear sunglasses scene!

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