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The Best Streetwear Sunglasses For Men 2024

The Best Streetwear Sunglasses For Men 2024

Introduction To Streetwear Sunglasses

Streetwear is a dynamic fashion movement that merges urban culture, y2k aesthetic, and contemporary style. It's all about expressing your individuality through a fusion of casual and edgy elements. Think bold graphic tees, oversized hoodies, statement sneakers, and accessorising with sunglasses and chunky jewellery. Streetwear is not just clothing; it's a lifestyle that captures the spirit of the streets and embraces the ever-evolving trends of the modern world.

What Are Streetwear Sunglasses?

Streetwear sunglasses are an essential accessory that adds a touch of edginess to an outfit. Streetwear sunglasses are designed to give off a modern and urban vibe which is why mens streetwear sunglasses feature futuristic designs which reflect the street culture and its fashion trends. Streetwear sunglasses often feature bold and unconventional frames, such as angular shapes, geometric designs, and unique colour combinations. They're all about making a statement and standing out from the crowd. From futuristic sunglasses inspired by the 'y2k' aesthetic, to reflective sports sunglasses, streetwear sunglasses are quickly becoming the most popular genre amongst young fashion enthusiasts.

What Styles of Streetwear Sunglasses Are Trending?

Spend 5 minutes on Instagram's explore page and it will become evident what styles of streetwear sunglasses are trending right now. Futuristic sunglasses are amongst the most popular, featuring reflective sunglasses with unique and angular frame shapes. Other styles of futuristic sunglasses that are trending right now involve wraparound sunglasses; this retro style has been revived, and often feature colourful lenses or lenses with reflective coatings to elevate the look. Rimless sunglasses are also a popular and versatile option, this lightweight and sophisticated style can offer immense contrast against a dressed-down look such as a vintage or y2k aesthetic tracksuit. Below we offer our take on the top 10 styles of streetwear sunglasses right now!

The 10 Best Streetwear Sunglasses for Men Right Now!

1. 'Headliners' Streetwear Sunglasses in Black

These iconic sunglasses feature a classic oval-shaped frame with smooth lines and angles. Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses that suit every outfit and mood, and these are perhaps our most versatile pair of sunglasses which are extremely popular amongst our customers! Complete with 100% UV protection. Check our our collection of black sunglasses for more.

2. 'Sophia Violets' Streetwear Sunglasses in Beige

The Beige and Brown counterpart to our 'Headliners' sunglasses. We teased these streetwear shades on social media and the world went crazy! Featuring the same classic retro style as our 'Headliners' but with a more neutral colour-palette. This colour-way will pair well with most outfits, but it's the Autumn months when these sunglasses really shine! Complete with 100% UV protection.

3. 'The Afters' Streetwear Sunglasses in Pink

Everyone needs a pair of sophisticated sunglasses in their accessory collection, and these retro rimless y2k sunglasses with diamond-cut glass lenses provide the ultimate in style and visual clarity. These trending y2k sunglasses bring a pop of colour to your outfits yet look elegant enough to land on the guest-list on a night out! Be sure to check out our entire collection of retro rimless sunglasses are these popular frames are available in multiple colours! Complete with 100% UV protection.

4. 'Asahi' Streetwear Sunglasses in Black

These futuristic sunglasses are the ultimate choice to elevate a y2k or streetwear outfit. The lenses on these futuristic sunglasses are, quite literally, eye-catching. With a sleek mirror finish, passers-by will be gazing at their own reflection in admiration. This mirror finish continues around the wraparound frame to the temples, finishing off the unique and abstract design. Complete with 100% UV protection, these bold frames are a great place to start for those looking to stand out in the streetwear world.

5. 'Dance On Arrival' Streetwear Sunglasses in Black

If you're looking for a more subtle pair of futuristic sunglasses in our list of men's streetwear sunglasses, our 'Dance On Arrival' shades are the less reflective counterpart of the 'Asahi' mirror sunglasses mentioned above! Featuring the same innovative wraparound styling, but with more versatile tinted black lenses for that stealthy look streetwear is synonymous with. Complete with 100% UV protection.

6. 'Chrome' Streetwear Sunglasses in Silver

This unique take on streetwear sunglasses offers a sporty angular design, a bold chrome colour-way and reflective lenses making them a must-have for streetwear enthusiasts. This year we have seen reflective sports sunglasses trending in the streetwear scene and our 'Chrome' sunglasses are right up there as a bold and versatile place to start. Complete with 100% UV protection.

7. 'Night Racer' Streetwear Sunglasses in Black

Here are our 'Chrome' y2k streetwear sunglasses but in an all black colour scheme for that stealthy look. These streetwear sunglasses are a versatile option for a pair of all-season sunglasses. Our 'Night Racer' shades are the perfect sunglasses for a y2k inspired streetwear outfit. Featuring an angular futuristic frame and tinted polycarbonate anti-scuff lenses, these streetwear sunglasses are perfect for the city. Made with high quality Italian acetate for ultimate comfort and durability and complete with 100% UV protection.

8. '2 Step' Streetwear Sunglasses in Green

Step back in time with our extremely popular rectangular retro sunglasses in green and khaki, the perfect accessory to complete any bold outfit. These futuristic streetwear sunglasses feature a unique design that blends retro and modern styles, making them perfect as the centrepiece of a streetwear outfit or as a pair of festival sunglasses! Complete with 100% UV protection.

9. 'Warp Drive' Streetwear Sunglasses in Beige

Capture the essence of streetwear with our 'Warp Drive' wraparound sunglasses. These Y2K frames offer a sleek, contemporary silhouette with a colour scheme which is bang-on-trend in the world of streetwear. These streetwear sunglasses will have everyone asking where you got your sunglasses from! Complete with 100% UV Protection.

10. 'Berlin' Streetwear Sunglasses in Brown

Our 'Berlin' streetwear sunglasses perfectly capture the vibe of the cultural and fashion-forward German city, seamlessly combining the nostalgia of 80s retro-futurism with the latest contemporary fashion trends. With their tinted brown lenses and transparent exo-frame, Our 'Berlin' streetwear sunglasses offer not only a stylish addition to your wardrobe but also the ultimate protection against harmful UV rays as they come complete with 100% UV protection.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Streetwear Sunglasses

When choosing streetwear sunglasses, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you get the best pair that suits your style and needs. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

Frame Design: Streetwear sunglasses come in various frame designs, including round, square, aviator, wayfarer, and cat-eye, amongst some. Consider the shape of your face and your personal style when choosing a frame design that complements your features and enhances your overall look. Current streetwear trends tend to favour more modern frame designs, featuring sharp and angular lines, wraparound frames and even futuristic reflective frames.

Frame Material: Streetwear sunglasses are typically made from materials such as acetate, metal, and polycarbonate. Each material has its unique properties in terms of durability, comfort, and style, so choose a material that fits your preferences and lifestyle. Long gone are the days where cheap sunglasses only last a few days. Modern technology and manufacturing methods have allowed for more affordable sunglasses, which makes choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses a breeze.

Lens Material: The lens material of streetwear sunglasses is crucial for providing optimal UV protection and visual clarity. Common lens materials include glass, polycarbonate, and CR-39 plastic. Glass lenses are scratch-resistant and offer excellent optical clarity, but they can be heavy. Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and impact-resistant, making them a great choice for prolonged use, while CR-39 plastic lenses are lighter than glass but may not be as durable.

Lens Colour: Lens colour not only affects the aesthetic appeal of streetwear sunglasses but also impacts how they perform in different lighting conditions. Darker lens colours like grey and green are ideal for bright sunny days, while lighter lens colours like yellow and rose enhance contrast and are suitable for overcast or low-light conditions, they also look great in those moody streetwear outfit photos you see all over the Instagram explore page! Some of our popular coloured lens sunglasses include our 'Emergency' retro sunglasses, 'Throttle' wraparound sunglasses and our 'Electric Brixton' rectangle sunglasses.

Polarised vs. Non-Polarised: Polarised lenses reduce glare from surfaces like water, snow, and glass, providing better visual comfort and clarity. However, not all streetwear sunglasses come with polarised lenses, so consider your preference and usage when choosing between polarised and non-polarised options. We cover the question "are polarised sunglasses worth it?" in this blog post!

Fit and Comfort: Ensuring a proper fit and comfort is crucial for streetwear sunglasses. Look for sunglasses that have adjustable nose pads, temple tips, and a snug fit without causing pressure points. Comfortable sunglasses will be more enjoyable to wear for extended periods and won't leave marks on your face.

Brand Reputation: Consider the reputation and credibility of the brand when choosing streetwear sunglasses. Look for brands known for their quality, durability, and style, and read reviews from other customers to get a better understanding of the brand's performance.


When it comes to finding the best streetwear sunglasses for men, it's important to consider factors such as frame design, lens material, lens colour, polarised vs. non-polarised, fit and comfort, and what's currently trending. By taking into account these aspects, you can choose sunglasses that not only complement your streetwear style but also provide optimal UV protection, visual clarity, and comfort. There is no right pair of streetwear sunglasses, streetwear is all about expressing yourself and choosing a pair you will look amazing in, and feel confident wearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is streetwear?

Streetwear is a casual and urban fashion style that originated from subcultures like skateboarding and hip-hop. It features comfortable clothing with bold designs, graphic tees, baggy pants, sneakers, and caps. Streetwear transcends traditional fashion boundaries, appealing to a wide audience and influencing both mainstream and niche markets through collaborations and artistic influences.

2. What are streetwear sunglasses?

Streetwear sunglasses are designed to give off a modern and urban vibe, reflecting the street culture and its fashion trends. Streetwear sunglasses often feature bold and unconventional frames, such as angular shapes, geometric designs, and unique colour combinations. Streetwear sunglasses share many similarities with futuristic sunglasses and y2k sunglasses.

3. How do streetwear sunglasses differ from regular sunglasses?

Streetwear sunglasses differ from regular sunglasses in their design and style. They often feature futuristic and trendy elements, such as reflective coatings, wraparound frames, and bold shapes. Regular sunglasses may have a more classic and traditional design, while streetwear sunglasses embrace the dynamic and edgy aspects of urban culture and y2k aesthetics.

4. What styles of streetwear sunglasses are trending right now?

Currently, futuristic sunglasses are among the most popular styles of streetwear sunglasses. These feature reflective lenses with unique and angular frame shapes. Additionally, wraparound sunglasses, rimless sunglasses, and futuristic sunglasses are also trending, offering a mix of retro and modern influences.

5. Are streetwear sunglasses unisex?

Yes, streetwear sunglasses are suitable for both men and women. The styles mentioned in the blog post cater to all genders, and streetwear fashion is known for its inclusivity and versatility.

6. Can streetwear sunglasses be worn with formal outfits?

While streetwear sunglasses are primarily associated with casual and urban fashion, certain styles with more classic frames, like the 'Headliners' and 'Sophia Violets,' can be paired with formal outfits to add a touch of edginess and individuality.

7. What materials are streetwear sunglasses typically made of?

Streetwear sunglasses are typically made from materials such as acetate, metal, and polycarbonate. These materials offer a combination of durability, comfort, and style, making them suitable for the dynamic and fashion-forward nature of streetwear.

8. Are polarised streetwear sunglasses worth it?

Polarised streetwear sunglasses are worth considering, especially if you spend time near water, snow, or glass surfaces. They reduce glare and provide better visual comfort and clarity, enhancing your overall experience while wearing them.

9. What are some popular lens colours for streetwear sunglasses?

Popular lens colours for streetwear sunglasses include black, blue, yellow, green, and reflective coatings. These colours not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the sunglasses but also perform well in different lighting conditions.

10. Are polarised lenses necessary for streetwear sunglasses?

Polarised lenses are not necessary but can greatly enhance visual comfort and clarity, especially in bright sunny conditions or when around reflective surfaces like water or snow. We answer the question 'are polarised sunglasses worth it?' here!

11. Can I wear streetwear sunglasses at night?

Yes! Technology in lens UV protection has evolved, modern affordable sunglasses mostly feature UV protection without having to tint the lenses dark, allowing you to see perfectly at night whilst still looking your best. Find our more about wearing sunglasses at night in this handy blog post.

12. What are some popular streetwear sunglasses brands?

At TheShadePrjct, we aim to provide a range of trending streetwear sunglasses all year round. You can check out our range of affordable streetwear sunglasses here. Alternatively, other popular streetwear sunglasses brands include Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gentle Monster, Quay Australia, Supreme x Oakley, and Dior Homme, among others.

13. How do I clean my streetwear sunglasses?

To clean your streetwear sunglasses, use a microfibre cloth or lens cleaning solution to gently wipe away dirt and smudges. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that can damage the lenses or frames. Store your sunglasses in a protective case when not in use to prevent scratches and damage. We cover how to clean your sunglasses without damaging them in this blog post!

14. Do streetwear sunglasses stop blue light?

Yes, sunglasses can help reduce blue light, but not all sunglasses are designed for this purpose. Look for sunglasses labelled as "blue light blocking" or "blue light filtering" for better protection. UV filters in sunglasses can also block some blue light. Consider specialised blue light-blocking glasses for extended screen use. Check out our blog post which answers the question "do blue light glasses work?" here to find out more.

15. Can I wear prescription lenses in streetwear sunglasses?

Yes, you can wear prescription lenses in streetwear sunglasses. Many brands offer customisation options to add prescription lenses to their sunglasses. To get prescription lenses, visit an optometrist or optical retailer to obtain your prescription. Then, you can order prescription lenses from the brand or have them made by an optical laboratory. Availability may vary, so check with the brand or retailer beforehand. With prescription lenses, you can enjoy clear vision while rocking stylish streetwear sunglasses.

16. How do I prevent my streetwear sunglasses from getting scratched?

To prevent scratches on your streetwear sunglasses, it's important to handle them with care. Avoid placing them face-down on surfaces, as this can lead to scratches. Instead, store them in a protective case when not in use. Clean your sunglasses with a microfibre cloth or a lens cleaning solution specifically designed for eyewear, and avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that can damage the lenses or frames. By following these precautions and properly maintaining your streetwear sunglasses, you can help preserve their condition and prevent scratches. Check out our handy blog post on how to fix scratches on your sunglasses in case the dreaded has already happened!

17. Do all streetwear sunglasses offer UV protection?

Most streetwear sunglasses provide UV protection, shielding your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. However, it's important to ensure that the sunglasses you choose have UV protection, as not all brands or models may offer this feature. Look for streetwear sunglasses labelled as '100% UV protection' or 'UV400' to ensure adequate safeguarding against UV rays.

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